Ryan K. Bonaparte

Strategist, Engineer, Author, Business Owner, Aspiring Inventor, Lifelong Learner.

Originally from Long Island, I moved to the Boston area to attend college. I studied at MIT for my undergraduate degree, where after bouncing around majors, I settled on Materials Science and Engineering. I found Materials Science to be fascinating and thought I would continue on and so I attended Columbia University and completed a master's degree.

Following school, I joined a small engineering startup as a process engineer and then moved into strategy consulting to develop a better understanding of how businesses operate and make decisions.

Along the way, I've involved myself in a variety of projects that have allowed me to grow and develop in numerous ways. From developing my own writing to spending time connecting with others, I've learned to focus my time and pursue projects that both provide me with joy and help others learn something about themselves. 

My goal is to create a technology center for commercializing new technologies and innovations, and I try to use every opportunity I can to make that a reality.

Take a look at some of my projects like ReMix Waffles and Crazy Enough To Try, or feel free to send me a note here if you have thoughts or comments.

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